The Controversies Content Creators Face

Debunking The Main Controversial Myth of Content Creators

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Many people believe that content creators have it “easy”, and they have this strong belief that it really “isn’t a job”. To start by debunking the myth spread by complete ignorance lets understand what a content creator is.

From what we can gather from Sarah, is that content creators can be defined by anyone who gives value of any kind through any platform. Later on, the consumer consumes the value for their benefit whatever it is from the producer/creator. Meaning all the articles, magazines, business owners, bloggers, and all influencers are giving you value in some way shape, or form.

If we content creators are giving you value just like a 9–5 job, then why is ours not valid? I understand that Digital content creating is a really popular and rewarding job, but it doesn’t mean we don’t struggle. Struggles like constantly coming up with creative ways of problem-solving and giving value aren’t as easy as some may say. Most ideas have already been made, so we creators have to pivot ideas into our perspectives to make them more unique and original.

The Consistently

“We want more” they say. People continuously want fast pace content, and they have this misconception that writing an article or creating a video will take 5–10 minutes just like a TikTok. Making “fast” content isn’t easy, especially with all the competition and hours it takes to top your previous work. The consumers are used to seeing us improve with time so the faster the content is needed, the less time we have on performing well (like most 9–5 jobs).

The Inconsistency

We’ve talked about the struggle to be consistent in our content, but it’s also the inconsistency in our income. Some of you might not know that our income is based on the amount of content or products we sell to consumers. Clicks and numbers start to define our standard of living and our level of success. The growth in our numbers can vary due to our competitors, peers, and even effects on our economy.

Having a social media presence is truly a beautiful thing. We’re grateful as creators to have the media to express ourselves, but we work unbelievably hard to make our work exceptional. The amount of creativity that goes into coming up with ideas is a lot. I hope this brings down the false narratives about influencers by providing a larger view of what happens behind the curtain.



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